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consulting engineers

ames, iowa
Ames, IowaLDB has successfully completed over a dozen projects for the city of Ames, Iowa.  Projects include electric utility engineering services and the design of a 65,000 kW unit addition to their Municipal Plant No. 2. Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is used in conjunction with other fuels to fire the boiler and is conveyed to the unit through a pneumatic transport system. ^
baldwin city, kansas
Baldwin City, KansasLDB has successfully completed a number of projects for Baldwin City, Kansas. Projects include a new 6,330 kW diesel engine plant at a new site. The plant consists of two engine generator sets with space provided for a third unit. Other projects have included substation improvements, black start capability and spill prevention control, countermeasure (SPCC) plans & environmental regulation compliance. ^
bryan, texas
Bryan, TexasLDB and Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) have a relationship which spans 62 years and the completion of over 68 projects. Projects include four steam electric generating units and one combustion turbine. The new Dansby plant site was developed and a 110,000 kW unit was placed in service. Other system improvements include four new substations, 22 miles of electrical transmission line and a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. ^
colorado springs, colorado
Colorado Springs, ColoradoLDB and Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) have enjoyed a working relationship spanning 67 years and the successful completion of over 77 projects.  Projects include the design of three power plants with eight steam electric generating units. The design of the 200,000 kW steam generating unit at the Nixon Plant included the development of a new plant site. The Denver Post contained an editorial complimenting Colorado Springs Utilities for their use of the 5600 acre plant site, which also serves as a wildlife refuge. ^
COLUMBIA, missouri

Columbia, MissouriLDB provided the design of two units at the Municipal Power Plant. Recent projects include a heating boiler for the Power Plant, a comprehensive conditions assessment of the Power Plant, arc flash studies, relay installations and boiler modeling. ^

fremont, nebraska
Fremont, NebraskaFDU was an initial client served by LDB when the firm was founded in 1948. Continuity of service in the intervening period has resulted in the successful completion of over 98 projects. Projects have included studies and designs for their water system, four steam power plant additions including the development of the Lon D. Wright plant site. Electrical distribution design includes seven substations, a subtransmission loop, supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), relay system evaluation, studies of power supply, arc flash, Power Plant condition assessments, energy assessments and cooling tower fill replacement. ^
garland, texas
Garland, TexasGarland Power & Light (GPL) has retained LDB in the design of more than 31 projects which include a 76,000 kW combustion turbine, a substation modification that included a 100 MVA transformer and two 138 kV overhead lines. Plant improvement projects included piping stress analyses and high pressure piping modifications for a 150,000 kW steam generating unit. Protective relaying was also designed for their Olinger Plant. ^
grand island, nebraska
Grand Island, NebraskaSince first serving Grand Island Utilities Department (GIUD) in 1951, LDB has completed the design of 70 projects which include two new plants, Burdick Station and Platte Station with six generating units. LDB also designed major portions of the 115 kV subtransmission system, as well as the 13.8 kV distribution system. Each plant was designed with a 115 kV breaker-and-a half substation. The Platte Station 100,000 kW PRB pulverized coal fired unit has demonstrated a high degree of reliability. During one year this unit was the 7th lowest power cost producer of any power plant in the USA. ^
greenville, texas
Greenville TexasLDB has successfully completed over 20 projects for Greenville Electric Utility Services (GEUS). Projects at the power plant include water supply, waste water, auxiliary system improvements, breaker upgrades, substation circuit switcher improvements and a spill prevention control & countermeasure (SPCC) plan. ^
higginsville, missouri
Higginsville, MissouriLDB provided the design for the installation of a combustion turbine for the Higginsville Electric Department (HED). This project included the addition of three distribution system circuit breakers and underground substation feeders at the Higginsville West Substation. The project also included the planning and design of a new substation and 69 kV line to provide two ties to Kansas City Power & Light. A new digital control system (DCS) was installed to control the combustion turbine, 69 kV tie and substation and existing diesel generators. ^
independence, missouri
Independence, MissouriServices have included the preparation of studies, reports and a grant application for Independence Power & Light (IPL). LDB prepared the report which established the need for a new power plant site to be located on Truman Road. LDB designed the Missouri City Power Plant owned by IPL and has provided design services for improvements such as cooling tower replacements, water treatment and generator protection at the Blue Valley Power Plant. ^
kansas city board of public utilities
BPUOver the past 40 years LDB has completed over 190 projects for the Board of Public Utilities (BPU). Activities include electric system master planning, integrated resource planning, cost of service studies, arc flash studies, substations, combustion turbines and a 235,000 kW steam unit which included the development of the new Nearman Creek Power Station site. This plant site withstood a 500 year frequency flood on the Missouri River whereas some neighboring utility plant sites were not as fortunate. ^
manitowoc public utilities, wisconsin
Manitowoc, WisconsinSince 1985 LDB has successfully completed over 84 projects for Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU). Studies have been conducted of steam supply, steam distribution, cost allocation and revenue requirements. Power Plant design projects have included MPU’s first circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler which was the first CFB to be built in the State of Wisconsin. The MPU’s second CFB boiler and 63,400 kW turbine generator, also designed by LDB, is a cogeneration unit with automatic extraction to export steam to the MPU steam distribution system and is designed to utilize opportunity fuels. ^
marquette, michigan
Marquette, MichiganLDB has successfully completed over forty projects for Marquette Board of Light & Power (MBLP) since 1963. Designs have included all three steam units at the Shiras Power Plant and a combustion turbine. The plant includes a lake-side dock for berthing lake steamers which can directly unload coal onto the plant coal storage area. Shiras Unit No. 3 is equipped with a dry scrubber and is one of the lowest NOx and SO₂ emitting coal fired plants in the United States. Other projects include substation and transmission lines. ^
marshall, missouri
Marshall, MissouriLDB has successfully completed over 36 studies and design projects for Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU). Designs have included a 6,300 kW diesel engine generating plant and a 161 kV substation and transmission line. Studies have included generation capacity, ethanol plant economics, electrical coordination, relaying, fiber optic attachments, environmental regulation compliance and arc flash analysis. ^
sikeston, missouri
Sikeston, MissouriLDB has provided services to the Board of Municipal Utilities (BMU) on numerous occasions relating to the preparation of an electric system review study, 290 MVA transformer replacement, substation and distribution system improvements and relay system upgrades. ^
springfield, illinois
Springfield, IllinoisLDB has provided engineering services to City Water, Light & Power (CWLP). Projects have included studies and designs for boiler dislagging, boiler feed pumps and scrubber auxiliaries for Dallman Power Station. ^
springfield, missouri
Springfield, MissouriLDB has provided services to City Utilities on numerous occasions. Assignments have included the design of the reconstruction of the 450,000 pph boiler, analysis of steam lines, Asian clam study, precipitator test at the James River Plant and a coal handling study at the Southwest Plant. ^
baylor university
Baylor UniversityLDB prepared a forecast of chilled water, steam and electrical needs of the campus. The steam and chilled water systems were modeled using computer software programs. Various system improvement programs were developed and presented in a Utility System Master Plan. LDB assisted in the evaluation of a performance contracting proposal for implementation of a program of improvements. ^
bucknell university
Bucknell UniversityLDB prepared a Long Range Master Plan Study for Bucknell University which included assessing the condition of existing power plant equipment, estimating future steam and electric needs, identifying and evaluating options to meet future needs and recommending the most economical option. Bucknell University has carried out our recommendations of installing a new cogeneration plant with a long term fixed fuel cost to assure themselves of the project economics. Coal-fired boilers have been removed from the plant. ^
cornell university
Cornell UniversityLDB has served Cornell University in the successful completion of twenty projects of varying scope.  Projects have included a Central Heating Plant Master Plan, condition assessment studies, power plant studies, equipment refurbishments, emission compliance studies, air quality control equipment installation and a fuel supply study. Ash handling improvements included the addition of new piping, valves and controls.  LDB designed the retrofit of a new fabric filter baghouse for one of their stoker fired boilers. ^
indiana university
Indiana UniversityLDB provided the design for a 4000 ton centrifugal, motor driven chiller addition to the University’s Central Chilled Water Plant. Condenser water system improvements included the addition of a 12,000 gpm induced draft cooling tower, water pumps, electrical supply and control system. ^
iowa state university
Iowa State UniversityLDB prepared a Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Study for the seven coal fired boilers operated by the University. This study developed multiple potential alternatives and combinations of alternatives to achieve continuous compliance with Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (ICI) Boiler MACT requirements, assuming ongoing operation of the present fleet of solid fuel boilers at ISU.^
kansas state university
Kansas State University CP2LDB prepared a Report on Future Steam Generation Plant for Kansas State University.  A review was made of historical demands on the utility system together with projections of future demands.  An assessment of the existing campus utility system facilities was made.  The report presented a plan for providing adequate capacity for serving projected loads into the future.

LDB is part of the design team upgrading the existing chilled water system at KSU. A new chilled water plant was installed (CP2) to increase chilled water capacity. Analysis software has been utilized to develop a hydraulic model of the existing distribution system to size improvement to the distribution system. The new chilled water plant added two new 2925 ton chillers with provisions for future expansion of an additional three chillers. New, expandable cooling towers were also incorporated into the project. In addition to the new plant, the project replaced an existing 1250 ton absorption chiller in the existing plant (CP1) and replaced it with a new 1250 ton electric VFD driven chiller.
ohio state university
Ohio State UniversityLDB prepared a Utility Master Plan which developed strategies for meeting the future needs of campus utilities. A detailed plan with a 20 year horizon was developed for  compressed air generation & distribution, chilled water production & distribution, domestic hot water, electric T&D, communication cable, heating hot water, natural gas, steam distribution, water supply & storm/sanitary/waste water systems.  A testing and inspection program for the McCracken Power Plant was reviewed and a comparison of repairing/upgrading existing equipment to the addition of new equipment was developed. ^
purdue university
Purdue UniversityLDB has prepared a Utility Master Plan and has inspected and tested boilers in the Wade Utility Plant. Improvements have been made to the boiler air quality control systems (AQSC). Projects include a new 200,000 pounds per hour (pph) natural gas fired boiler addition to their plant.^
southeast missouri state university
Southeast Missouri StateLDB prepared studies for boiler condition and remaining useful life, power plant waste to energy and cogeneration of heat and power.  A 161 kV transmission system project was developed. State funding was obtained on first request and project implementation has been completed. ^
texas tech university
Texas Tech UniversityLDB conducted an inspection of the boilers in the central heating and cooling plant. A report was prepared which developed an estimate of cost to retube Boiler No. 1 so that it could be returned to service.

LDB is serving as the design engineer for the replacement of an existing 6500 ton chiller with two 3100 ton electric driven chillers in the same location. TTU elected to use a design build contract delivery system, reducing the time required for installation of the replacement chillers. Extensive 3D modeling and laser scanning were implemented to fit new equipment within the existing space.
university of cincinnati
University of CincinnatiLDB participated in the preparation of design criteria documents, specifications and plans for two 13.5 MW combustion turbine/heat recovery steam generator (CT/HRSG) trains and a 20 MW steam turbine generator which were installed in the East Campus Utility Plant to produce 250,000 pph of steam and up to 49 MW of electrical power. Prior to construction of the project, an economic analysis was made to determine the return on investment of the facility. ^
university of colorado
University of Colorado WDEPLDB is the lead design team engineer for the new central heating and cooling plant which provides steam, chilled water and other utilities throughout the campus. The new plant includes two new boilers with space and provisions for three additional future boilers and two new electric VFD driven 1560 ton chillers with space and provisions for three additional future chillers. The campus utility system will utilize
University of Colorado EDEP state-of-the-art combined heat and power technology to improve the overall energy efficiency of the campus while reducing its carbon footprint. The plant itself is targeted to achieve LEED Gold certification. The entire system being designed is to help CU-Boulder reach the aggressive carbon-reduction goals established under the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. The design also includes the renovation of the existing 109-year-old Powerhouse which is proceeding concurrently to include expansion of cogeneration facilities and replacement of existing chillers. Design services also include distribution improvements that will integrate the plants and serve the future needs of the campus.
university of iowa
University of IowaLDB prepared a study of the campus relative to vehicle flow and fuel unloading. Also, a due diligence analysis of adding a circulating fluidized bed boiler to the Main Power Plant was performed. A Comprehensive Power Plant Material Handling Study (coal, biomass, limestone and ash) was conducted. A project at the UI Main Power Plant consisted of demolition and removal of three boilers. An ICI Boiler MACT Rule energy assessment of the 25 boilers on campus was recently conducted. ^
university of missouri, columbia
University of MissouriLDB has prepared studies of the steam distribution system and of the coal handling system at the power plant.  Designs have included steam distribution and water distribution projects.  A cost estimate for a 250,000 pph biomass & coal fired circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler was prepared. ^
university of nebraska, lincoln
University of NebraskaLDB has provided services to University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) for the City Campus and the East Campus on over 80 occasions since 1953. Activities have included utility system master plans, designs for the installation of new boilers, design of seven central water chillers totaling 20,000 tons of capacity, cooling towers, water treatment systems, steam and chilled water distribution improvements and modeling,
University of Nebraska TES energy assessments, pump replacements, arc flash and electric substation and distribution facilities.
LDB is a member of the team which provided design of a 2,900,000 gallon thermal energy storage system for the UNL East Campus and an 8,150,000 gallon thermal energy storage system for the UNL City Campus. Responsibilities included review of the economic feasibility, development of conceptual layout and follow up detailed design of mechanical systems. The TES systems have a lower life cycle cost than the installation of additional chillers. ^
university of nevada, las vegas
University of Nevada Las VegasLDB prepared a Campus Master Plan Study which included generation and production of the heating, chilled water and the electric systems. The plan set forth a cost effective means of enhancing reliability and efficiency of these energy utility services and provided recommendations for centralization wherever economically and operationally justified. ^
university of notre dame
University of Notre DameLDB prepared a Utility Benchmarking & Expansion Plan (Master Plan) for the steam, chilled water and electric systems. Modeling was performed for the steam, domestic hot water, domestic cold water, chilled water and electric systems. Boiler maximum achievable control technologies (MACT) issues were also addressed. ^
university of virginia
University of VirginiaLDB completed work for the central boiler plant renovation functioning as the design engineer for an engineer, procure, construct (EPC)/turnkey team. This $66,000,000+ project included new boilers, renovation of existing boilers, air quality control system (AQCS) improvements and replacement of other balance of plant (BOP) equipment. Extensive 3D design was utilized to upgrade the existing central boiler plant which was carried out without interruption to continuity of services. The project included two new natural gas and fuel oil 90,000 pph boilers, one new coal and natural gas 80,000 pph boiler and retrofit of new natural gas burner system in two existing 90,000 pph boilers. ^
university of wisconsin
University of WisconsinLDB participated in the preparation of a Heating Plant Comprehensive Feasibility Study which analyzed energy alternatives so that the State of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin can further explore how to heat and cool state agency buildings and the UW-Madison campus.  Thirteen options for the three existing state-owned heating plants and one potential, future combined heating plant were examined during the study. All these options would bring the Charter Street Heating Plant into compliance with the Clean Air Act. Criteria included environmental impacts, economic implications and reliability. LDB also prepared an alternate fuels study for the Charter Street Heating Plant. Lower grade, opportunity fuel sources were identified that could be fired in an environmentally acceptable manner by utilizing circulating fluidized bed (CFB) type boilers. ^
university of wyoming
University of WyomingLDB provided the design of a boiler addition to the existing power plant. The project included switchgear, boiler feed pumps, metering, power piping and a building addition. ^
national institutes of health, bethesda maryland
National Institute of HealthLDB prepared technical and economic analyses as well as specifications for a new combustion turbine (CT), heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and balance-of-plant equipment including water treatment, piping, wiring, controls and other auxiliary equipment.  This cogeneration plant is capable of producing 23,000 kW or more of electrical capacity as well as 180,000 pph of steam.  This CT/HRSG addition is located in an existing building which adjoins the Central Boiler Plant. LDB has conducted energy savings analysis for the central boiler plant and related systems at the Bethesda Maryland Campus. ^
offutt air force base, nebraska
Offutt Air Force BaseLDB designed the installation of a 3,000 kW diesel engine generator addition and two miles of underground circuits to furnish emergency power to critical services at the Base.  A comprehensive testing program, study and report on the chilled water system for a one million square foot headquarters building was conducted.  The system was modeled and evaluated for capacity and efficiency.  Plans and schematics of the system were developed.  An analysis was made of energy conservation opportunities (ECO). ^
robins air force base, georgia
Robins Air Force BaseLDB completed a comprehensive design package for the replacement of the existing east steam and condensate piping system.  The existing east steam line is a direct buried piping system.  Site investigation activities included field survey of steam and condensate pipe routing, steam loads, operating pressures and temperatures, and future building plans.  Several pipe routes were evaluated to minimize the amount of “downtime” to the facility.  A major portion of the existing buried system was abandoned in place and new steam and condensate piping was designed for installation paralleling the existing steam route. ^
state of kansas
State of KansasLDB prepared a feasibility study for the Department of Corrections, Lansing, KS to evaluate various alternatives for expanding their central heating plant and distribution system.  The design and inspection of construction for the installation of two new steam boilers, the relocation and upgrading of an existing steam boiler and the installation of new hot water generators was provided.  Steam and hot water services to the facility were not interrupted during construction and new plant tie-in. ^
u.s. army corps of engineers
Corps of EngineersLDB prepared a comprehensive technical manual for the Huntsville Division of the Corps entitled Design of Coal-Fired Boiler Plants.  The purpose of the manual is to present a general guide for the design of coal-fired steam plants where the size and characteristics of the facilities processes and the economics of the particular facility justify on-site steam generation for Department of the Army installation.  LDB also designed the replacement of the heating and central air conditioning for 350 family housing units at Fort Leavenworth, KS. ^
u.s. department of energy, kansas city, missouri
US Dept of EnergyLDB provided several comprehensive design packages for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in the Kansas City Plant.  Projects involved the relocation of the manufacturing support and personnel facilities.  The work involved fire protection, dehumidification, ductwork, lighting, compressed air, gaseous nitrogen, vacuum, hot and cold water, drain and liquid nitrogen systems. ^
u.s. department of energy pantex plant, texas
US Dept of EnergyLDB provided field investigation, design and construction inspection services for a new steam generating plant and steam distribution system (SDS) at the Pantex Plant. The comprehensive design package was developed to serve the heating and process needs of 123 existing buildings and approximately 30 future buildings.  The project included over 90,000 linear feet of steam and condensate piping.  A portion of the SDS included approximately 4,000 linear feet of shallow concrete trenches.  LDB evaluated the use of utility tunnel, shallow concrete trenches and direct buried piping systems. The contract drawings were separated into five different construction phases.  Each phase was developed into clusters of buildings in order to enable the contractor to work in a specific cluster of buildings, thus allowing production activities to continue in other clusters. ^
veterans administration, kansas city, missouri
Veterans AdminLDB has performed studies and design for the Eisenhower Medical Center in Kansas and the VA Medical Center in Missouri.  Projects have involved heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) improvements for hospital wings, libraries, theaters and laboratories. ^
whiteman air force base, missouri
Whiteman AFBLDB performed a steam distribution system study and a boiler feasibility study for the base.  A significant increase in the amount of building space at the base was required to accommodate the new B-2 program creating the need to expand the capacity of the steam distribution system.  Computer models of all four loops were created and analyzed to determine where existing piping would need to be replaced with larger piping to increase the capacity of the system. LDB designed an addition to the steam plant and steam distribution system based on the results of the life cycle cost and feasibility studies. ^
american airlines
American AirlinesLDB provided designs for predecessor TWA’s Ground Operation Center. Projects have involved the computer operation center, aircraft painting hangar, jet component testing facilities, wastewater operation, aircraft wash station, North and South flight lines and 747/SST overhaul facilities.  Services performed included fire protection, heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC), chillers and auxiliary equipment, PCB replacement, lighting, electrical fault and coordination, electrical diagrams, transformer and power supply, deaerators and cooling towers. ^
chrysler corporation
ChryslerLDB designed for the Jeep Parkway Central Heating Plant, Toledo, Ohio the replacement of the original boilers, coal handling, ash handling, controls and steam distribution system which supplies heating and process steam to this automobile assembly plant which employs 5,000 workers.  In addition to the replacement of the boilers, the designs included 15 kV power supply, electrical distribution and air quality control systems (AQCS). ^
hallmark cards, inc.
Hallmark CardsLDB has served Hallmark Cards and their Crown Center and manufacturing affiliates on numerous occasions.  Designs have included electrical distribution improvements, cable replacements, PCB removal, and lighting.  Area renovation projects have included various production facilities, office areas, hotel and terrace lighting, energy management and control, chilled water systems and a theater. ^
kennecott utah copper
Kennecott CopperKennecott Utah Copper, Salt Lake City, Utah, operates the largest open air mine and smelter in America and have their own power plant.  They operate as a subsidiary of RioTinto, Inc. London, England the largest mining company in the world.  LDB was selected to correct pollution control equipment for flue gas where EPA had threatened them with a plant shutdown.  Through design changes the performance was corrected and the plant continues to operate at full capacity. ^
proctor & gamble
Proctor & GambleLDB has provided services for the company owned power plant at Proctor and Gamble Paper Products Company, Fox River Plant, Green Bay, WI. ^
united states steel
US SteelLDB has reviewed boiler and powerhouse operations at the United States Steel Mon Valley Works of Clairton, Edgar Thompson and Fairless. Services also included air quality control systems (AQCS) for the open hearth furnaces.  Cogeneration and alternate fuels studies were conducted for the Fairfield, Gary and South Works. A feasibility study for a cogeneration plant resulted in lowered electrical costs and improved reliability. ^
tenaska, independent power producers
TenaskaLDB has provided engineering services to Tenaska on over twenty occasions. Project engineering services including high voltage consulting services were provided on combined cycle and simple cycle combustion turbine plants in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia.  High voltage systems included both 345 and 500 kV voltages. Startup assistance was provided for a new plant with six dual fuel 7EA combustion turbines. A cost estimate was prepared for a new coal fired power plant. ^
associated electric cooperative inc.
Associated ElectricLDB was retained by Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI), Springfield, MO to serve as the Owner’s Engineer for a turnkey contract for their St. Francis new plant site in Southeast Missouri.  The 250 MW combined cycle singe shaft power plant is powered by a 165 MW gas turbine and an 85 MW steam turbine.  LDB provided the engineering design and construction management for retrofitting a new electrostatic precipitator on 180 MW coal-fired unit.  This precipitator has been tested to have a collection efficiency of particulate of 99.96%. Construction management was provided for AECI at their 1200 MW Thomas Hill Power Plant on a major coal handling improvement project. ^
central electric power cooperative
Central Electric PowerLDB provided services to Central Electric Power Cooperative (CEPC) for conversion of their Chamois Power Plant to burn Powder River Basin coal. A new rigid frame electrostatic precipitator as well as other coal and ash handling system improvements were made. A study was conducted to determine the feasibility of firing biomass fuels. ^
kansas city power & light
KCPLLDB has provided services to Kansas City Power & Light (KCPL) in connection with improvements at their Iatan, LaCygne, Hawthorn, Montrose and Northeast Power Plants.  Projects have included ash handling, coal handling, emergency alarms, grounding systems, natural gas heating, fire protection, lightning protection, oil separators, service water, waste neutralization, well water supply systems and a combustion inlet air filtration system. ^
north central missouri electrical cooperative
NC MO Electric CoopLDB prepared a Load Management Feasibility Study for North Central Electric Power Cooperative (NCEPC). ^
northeast missouri electrical cooperative
NE MO Elec CoopLDB prepared an engineering report for NE Missouri Electric Power Cooperative (NEMEPC). ^
northwest electrical power cooperative
NW Electrical COOPLDB designed a new power plant on the Missouri River and new Headquarters Facilities for Northwest Electric Power Cooperative (NWEPC). ^
western resources
Western ResourcesLDB has provided services to Western Resources in connection with improvements to the Lawrence Energy Center and construction management at Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant. ^
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